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It’s only when a new version of Java is released that the messages start arriving. Result: Service Desk Call Block: Block the app from running? Result: Service Desk Call Later: Well, this one kind of works.This will at least get rid of the warning but only bring you to another!I could go on for hours on why Oracle should disable this “feature”. The top line basically tells the system where your file is located.For simplicity I just stuck it in the default location but could also reside on the network. Here are the contents to put into deployment.expiration.decision=NEVER deployment.expiration.decision.suppression=TRUE deployment.version=7.0 deployment.insecure.jres=ALWAYS deployment.javaws.autodownload=NEVER The key settings above are: deployment.expiration.decision=NEVER deployment.expiration.decision.suppression=TRUE These settings suppresses the “Later” button so you are never prompted.If you have a login, you can sign-in on click “Patches and Updates”, then search for patch ID 16758419.

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There’s a lot of good info for temporary workarounds in the comments. As I don’t have a login I cannot provide you a deep link to this particular patch.Have your script create the directory after you delete it.Update 3/8/2013 – NEW STEP Contents of baseline.timestamp is just a period ( .It does seem that Oracle FINALLY sees this is massive issue and has released some patched versions for this. I personally haven’t even looked at the patches yet, so use at your own risk. There any many different ways to look at resolving this at least temporarily. It appears a path was released for update 21, nothing that I can see for 25 yet.

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From the comments **Update 5/16/2013 **** PLEASE read all comments before implementing this.

) Contents of baseline.versions shows up like this.