Cm punk dating maria

27-Aug-2017 06:58

Clearly, Punk has been keeping his pimp hand strong by slapping it in the direction of the pencil pushers. cm beth phoenix " data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=460" / Pictures of CM punk " data-medium-file="" data-large-file=" w=245" / CM Punk Pictures – Lita " data-medium-file=" # CM PUNK PLAYER, Amy Dumas, Chicago, LITA, PLAYER, TITLE, WWE, WWE CHAMP . Comments: 2 Comments Just because I did one of these of AJ Lee I thought it would be fitting to do one for the amazing Lita.

Here are the parts that didn't make my Punk feature in Tuesday's Chicago Tribune, including the Lockport native's thoughts on The Rock, Chris Brown, wrestling websites and a potential movie career. But Punk can come off as an unapologetic, walking "do not disturb" sign when he isn't working. Because he knew Mc Mahon wouldn't let him say everything he wanted to say, Punk claimed he handed Mc Mahon a piece of paper with talking points that were "completely different" from what Punk actually said. We could make a lot of money together.' "As for the enormous response he received from peers, fans and media, Punk says, "At that point, I was so out the door. I was counting down the days."On the last day of his contract, Punk was scheduled to wrestle Cena for the WWE championship at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view at Rosemont's Allstate Arena.

Since moved on to Lita (unsure if they are now back together) who is the most viewed female wrestler ever and probably also the hottest! Brooks & Punk dated from 2003 into 2004 while the CM was working in TNA as part of Raven’s gathering. After joining Ohio Valley Wrestling, CM Punk began dating Maria Kanellis (Maria), who was working in OVW as an interviewer, however they broke up sometime after CM Punk was moved to World Wrestling Entertainment and started working on the ECW brand.

Maria herself said in an interview with CM Punk was dating Amy Dumas (Lita), however, as stated in Matt Hardy’s interview in March 2010.

w=220" data-large-file=" I don’t know what the whole story is on this but CM Punk’s hanging out with Lita again.

Given the public nature of their relationship the first time around, if I had to guess, that is his current love interest. September 2, 2012 Categories: Pictures of CM Punk - Player . In short there still seems to be a significant want from the WWE Universe for CM Punk and AJ to continue as a storyline. Here’s Some Picture’s of Punk and AJ, November 13, 2012 Categories: Pictures of CM Punk - Artwork and Logos, Pictures of CM Punk - Player, Pictures of CM Punk - Uncategorized .

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