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All the AB763 amps (Deluxe, Vibrolux, Pro, Super, Twin ) have signal oscillating tremolo while the Princeton and Princeton Reverb have power tube bias shifting.

All resistor and capcitor values are the same between the two eras and the only practical difference is the regular blackface and silverface differences; cabinet baffle construction, chocolate drop caps, plastic insulated wires.

It adds and subtracts very little from your guitar tone and, unlike the bigger blackface amps with reverb, they do not distort much when they are cranked.

They remain pretty clean all the way up to 10 but with farty bass notes and some waspy speaker distortion, not very different from the Fender tweed amps.

Even without a huge bottom end there are enough mids and screaming highs to cut through in most bands.

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Personally we have not modified the tone stack on these amps since we are clean tone hunters.The video below demonstrates a 1965 Vibro Champ The difference between the Champ and the Vibro Champ is the tremolo and not the vibrato.