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Beyond the industry-standard swapping of genitalia pics, pump up the volume on all romantic gestures.Sprinkle in a pinch of naughtiness as a nod Jupiter—but play up the decadence and luxury, which is Libra's domain.Now we’re preparing to batten down the hatches for the arrival of ‘Sharknado 3’, which will make land fall on July 22, 2015.Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are returning for the sequel, along with a horde of celebrities who will be making cameos. David Hasselhoff, Rick Fox, Chris Jericho, Chris Kirkpatrick, Anthony J.

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Obviously, business hours and family dinners should be ruled out.

Pick an intriguing destination (one neither of you has visited before) and go embrace the spirit of discovery together.

Since September 9, 2016 Jupiter has been upping the ante on the romance game, daring us to break from restrictive social constructs and rewarding us when (and if! Gender fluidity, polyamory, non-traditional marriages—honestly not a big deal in 2017.

Jupiter in fair-minded Libra is allergic to the blame game and reminds us (in a high-vibes way) that it takes two to tango.

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Instead of reading your partner, own up to the ways that you played into the meltdown.(Unless, of course, that's your preference.) If you're one of the many people who lands to the right of the zero on the Kinsey scale, Jupiter in Libra encourages expansive exploration. Worldly Jupiter is the astrological ambassador so cross-cultural connections and long-distance relationships could bring surprisingly rich results. But with candid Jupiter in this sign, it's easier to address concerns without sinking the Love Boat.