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How to do a short-sprint workout: Do 2-3 sessions per week (depending on your end goal).

Beginner: Complete 6-8 sprints of 100 meters at 75%-80% effort.

Plus, there's a prescription for runners who are just starting out, and those who are more experienced.

Before each workout, though, remember to start with a dynamic warmup.

Considering how intense this (and other hill sprint workouts like it) is, only do one or two of these sessions per week. You can always increase the time for fewer reps, too. Why it works: “Intervals are meant to help increase stamina (and should not be conducted at max effort), so you’ll take less recovery time and increase the number of reps,” Bradshaw says.

Whenever I work with individuals with shoulder pain, one of my “go to” exercises in the landmine press. It still trains the upper body (and the shoulder complex), but does so within a ROM that keeps people out of the danger zone.Note: You can complete this type of running workout the day after you’ve done a long-distance or recovery run.How to do a 15-minute fartlek workout: Incorporate 1 session per week.” Longer sprints are advantageous for those training for 10Ks, half marathons, even triathlons, whereas short sprints are best for torching calories, and adding muscle, strength, and power to your lower body.

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Note: Don't do a hill workout the day before you complete a short-sprint workout.

Fartleks are ideal for marathoners, for example, because these workouts will help them cope with rough patches during races and hard training days.