Garmin nuvi 360 updating gps software

23-May-2018 06:39

Fixed 'Low Battery' message when using AA batteries and disconnecting from external power.

Fixed uppercase Czech keyboard in landscape orientation.

Problems with this beta software may be reported to Montana [email protected]

Fixed issue with list controls incorrectly appearing enabled. Fixed issue with 'lock on road' setting not saving during a power cycle.

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Fixed issue with Favorites menu caused by changing Profiles and restarting unit. Fixed issue related to not ignoring first screen press after backlight times out. Fixed issue with reviewing a list of multiple points from the map. Fixed issue with charging indication when unit is fully charged. Added ability to set a via point while navigating a calculated route. Fixed issue resulting in bad point information on the map. Fixed issue with certain shortcuts remaining highlighted after being selected.

Fixed issue with using shortcuts to change map statuses.

Fixed potential issue with viewing geocache descriptions in night mode. Improved map performance in densely-populated urban areas. Fixed review of individual route points through the Route Planner. Fixed occasional map display issue when using Topo Deutschland 2012 Pro or Garmin Trans Alpin 2012 Pro. Added ability to set a via point while navigating a calculated route. Fixed issue with track log naming when using Base Camp.

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