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I use those rubber fish call storm you get them from walt mart or canadian tire they are a small pike between 3 to 6 inch usually 6 inch work better at buffalo lake or black and white spoon get the job done I'm planing to go ice fishing next weekend with my sweet but need to know where's a good location, is the ice drive able, I'm guessing smelts are the bait of choice? Ice Report: 9 in Terrible ice six to nine inches ice four five inches water then ice again. In the narrows there are some big rocks submerged so i dont go in there just a pain to fishers from shore anyway cuz so narrow hence the name. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated... \ Fish On // We fish alot at Buffalo Lake we go out on the Lake at Scenic Sands and we catch primarily Pike and the odd Burbot we use spoons and jig them alot and we smelts for bait with tip ups. Just got off path about twenty feet to place shack. Found a few snags just north of boss hill area not sure what it was i was just crawling along. Just watch out for the ice heaves on some areas but there's still lots of ice.Hey I'm planning on going to Buffalo tomorrow just wondering how much ice is out there because tonight Gull had some sketchy cracks so we're looking for a break from that.So if anyone knows please let me know how much Ice is out there.Thanks Got out to Rochon sands twice in the last week, had great luck both times.Tried fishing the Narrows for the first time this morning. It was our first time at Buffalo and we'd like to come back and catch some fish next time.No bites from shore or from our canoe until we made it out to the main lake. Catch and release at the narrows, but once your out past the two white poles in the mouth than its fair game to keep pike and burbot all to the other end of the lake just the narrows is where you have to put them back Soupster92 the ice is over 24inches thick as I I drive across the lake from the north side to the narrows on Monday afternoon.

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do u assume simple bolt-ons (LS6 intake if older, ported throttle body, catback) or major bolt-ons (FAST 90/90, LT's, MAF, U/D, etc)?

i think people r throwing this term around too much w/o including other mods, such as intake, TB, U/D, MAF, LT's, etc.

i have come to the realization that people consider bolt-ons w/ a cam, "Cam Only".

I have read and watch many videos on You tube however most of the videos are not disscriptev!

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The main problem I have is, Cam studio videos are blury and text is not clear.

I ended up bringing in 4 decent size pike, however the wife kick my butt by bringing in a dozen.

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