Mandating paid

03-Sep-2017 04:17

“I’m dismayed that (the training) didn’t have the effect we wanted,” she said.

“It empowered people, and she just opened a floodgate,” Lofgren said.In 2014, she tried to pass an amendment to the legislative budget mandating sexual harassment prevention training, but the chairman of the rules committee didn’t allow the measure to be debated.She also tried to add in more funding in the legislative budget for the compliance office to do more outreach, only to have that money removed in later revisions.“There was no willingness to look at this issue at all,” she said, unlike in recent weeks.

“To see the change this dramatic is reassuring that if you take full advantage of timing, you can accomplish a lot.” But Speier said that she knows that national attention can be fickle, and thinks that she and other advocates may have a limited window to pass reforms while the focus is on sexual harassment.

“I recoiled, and I made sure I was never alone with him in a room ever again,” she said.