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30-Apr-2018 03:11

There was a time when conservatives made the same argument about LBJ, insisting he was a unique threat to democracy. Evetts Haley sold 7.5 million copies of his self-published polemic , Haley “portrayed Johnson as a vain and vicious man whose climb to the presidency was wrought with malevolence on every rung of the ladder.” Some of Haley’s charges — such as Johnson’s involvement in winning his fraud-ridden 1948 Senate election by getting 202 of his purported supporters to vote in exact alphabetical order — were later confirmed in historian Robert Caro’s magisterial four-volume biography of Johnson. Were there nothing to look at save LBJ’s personal relationships with other people, it would be merciful to forget him altogether. He may have been a son of a bitch, but he was a colossal son of a bitch. I do know that many conservatives have decided that regardless of their personal feelings about him, he is now president and it’s important to work with him to push through policies that will help the country.

Some of LBJ’s former aides also confirmed Haley’s view of Johnson’s character. Liberals in the 1960s knew what an SOB Johnson was, but they demanded that Republicans work with him to pass legislation.

And, consequently, without Lyndon Johnson as president?

” asked historian Torsten Kathke, writing at his blog Thus, History! Any answer can only be uncomfortable, but that is, precisely, the ground on which politics thrives.” The answer that 91 mostly liberal historians gave for CSPAN’s new Presidential Historians Survey is clear.

But for the media it makes little difference if Trump’s excesses are habitual or calculated.

Media outlets have declared war on him because he represents what they view as an unprecedented danger.

But they also believe that they’re worth tolerating if it means that tax reform will pass, Obamacare will be replaced, and U. These are clues that his bravado and bluster are an act.

Trump has learned that intimidation, misdirection, controlling the conversation, graciousness, and conciliation all have their uses.

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In 1990, Trump nearly went bankrupt and was forced to ask creditors to change the terms on their loans and forgive some of his debts.The media were also willing to overlook them until Vietnam became a fiasco, because reporters liked his domestic-policy priorities in civil rights and his new government spending.