My boyfriend is using dating sites Sex video chat without regestration

12-May-2018 13:35

Now that may have been my mistake telling him it was his choice but I didn't want to be unfair.

His profile before did say Male seeking female for friends. If so, it's possible it might have been an oversight; some people use a lot of different dating sites to widen their search potential, and he might have just forgotten about this one.

Ask him if he'd be willing to change his profile to "Not Single/Not Looking".

This way if he wants, he can still participate in the forums (if that's something he normally does).

If you've already talked to him about this and he isn't changing his behavior, its pretty obvious that he doesn't care about you as much as you do about him or at least he isn't taking this relationship as seriously.

We are in an actual relationship, he says that he has strong feelings for me and he loves being with me. I have approached him about this and told him that it does make me uncomfortable and that I don't like the fact that he still has his profile on here.

Now it says male seeking female for hang out and he has put new pictures up. Conversely, he could not have, in which case there's some problematic behavior.