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04-Dec-2017 04:41

Nicola Innes, professor of paediatric dentistry at the University of Dundee, states that may children-friendly toothpaste brands fail to contain the recommended concentrations of fluoride - which is crucial for healthy teeth.

The UK Department of Health states that youngsters under three years old should use a toothpaste with 1,000 parts per million of fluoride (ppm F), while everyone else needs 1,450ppm F - a target that is missed by eight of the 14 biggest-selling children's brands.

Most people buy this from the rental companies at over-inflated prices.’Excess charges vary considerably depending on the week, the resort and the car.

Some excess charges in Spain and Greece have actually fallen over the past year.

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'Outrageous excess fees are getting increasingly out of control – and there’s no reason for these firms to pass these costs on to you.‘I’ve seen examples of unscrupulous hire companies hitting drivers with massive bills for replacing bumpers where a minor scratch occurred.‘Take out waiver insurance where possible, photograph the vehicle before and after the holiday – and if they try to stitch you up, fight back.’ Families already face a string of rip-offs when renting a holiday car.Holidaymakers face a bill of up to £2,200 if they damage their hire car abroad, the Mail can reveal today.